How Comfort Food Positively Changes Your Mood

 There is a good reason why comfort food is labeled as ‘comfort.’ Foods that are associated with good thoughts or sentimental moments can bring you a cloud-nine feeling from a specific occasion. Thus, it comforts you whenever you’re feeling stressed, down, or even angry.

Comfort foods enhance your sense of well-being. It’s proven to reduce your loneliness or bad mood, and eventually turn you to be a happy and bright person. Psychology says that the taste of a particular food you crave is more likely to remind you of good things in life. Hence, turns to be comfort food.

  • Baked Goodies Like Fruit Pastries Can Uplift Your Mood

Fruit consumption is linked to lower chances of depression and anxiety. Anything that is made of fruit can emotionally uplift a person’s mood because of its specific sweetness compared to those who have in regular chocolates.


Eating pastries that contain wheat, pumpkin seeds, and cocoa powder can reduce your chances of depression. These ingredients are rich in magnesium that is considered as one of those mood-boosting nutrients.

  • Berries Can Calm You Because Of Its Vitamin Content

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries whether raw, cooked or can calm you. These fruits are high in Vitamin C that reduces the build-up of cortisol, the hormone released during stressful times. This is the reason why some people who resort to eating sweets with berries like blueberry cheese considered it comforting.

The sugar component of berries and other nutrients you can take from it can put your brain to rest. This way you can relax and diminish qualms from your day-to-day activities.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Ease Anxiety

Foods that are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids like sardines, mackerel, and salmon are the best food to indulge with if you’re experiencing anxiousness. These fatty acids can help alleviate anxiety. Hence, it’s good to eat if you feel something unsettling.

These types of food are not only healthy for the body generally, but it also brings more benefits like combat the feeling of worry. Such nutrients would also help you to think better. It can eliminate any emotions of burden, apprehension, and the like.


It can also help you if you can cook your own recipe that is rich in omega-3. This is you can also release stress, discover the passion of cooking, and divert your attention to something else.

  • Nutrition and Comfort

There are many comfort foods we know that are not all nutritious and contributes more fats and carbohydrates to the body. If not taken moderately, it can result in obesity, hypertension, and other relevant illnesses.

Be it known that there are many food choices in the market that can soothe your feelings and offer you a tasty meal simultaneously. This way, you can indulge with these foods without any form of guilt or adverse reactions. Ensure that you’re also releasing stress in various physical activities that can help you sweat out worries and dilemma.